Where Science Integration and Teamwork Meet

What is EUSO

The European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) is a multidisciplinary, integrated science, practical-based, team competition for European Union (EU) second level school science students who are 16 years-of-age or younger on December 31st prior to the competition. It provides young EU students with a platform to display their scientific capabilities, challenges and stimulates gifted EU science students to develop their talents and to promote their career as scientists.
The EUSO Tasks (experiments) are intellectually challenging and demand teamwork. They integrate the sciences:- biology, chemistry and physics, across the disciplines. They are problem oriented, context-based, relevant and connected to the real world. The tasks engage all the team members and foster their ability of cooperative problem solving. They are self-directed in terms of pace, direction and outcomes. They involve the construction of knowledge and higher-order thinking. They require the interpretation of experimental data, facilitate the manipulation of information and ideas, encourage substantive communication between the team members and often allow for alternative solutions.
Dr. Michael A. Cotter
EUSO Founder & President